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Gun for Glory is a world class shooting academy. It is an initiative started by Padmashri Gagan Narang and Shri Pawan Singh to promote shooting sport by blooding young talents at the right time in order to produce newer stars in the shooting firmament. The meticulously designed world class academy is situated at Shiv Chatrapati Sports complex 50m shooting range, Balewadi, Pune. The complex provides world class infrastructure that is required to prepare a shooter to meet the modern day challenges. The academy prides itself in providing all tools to build a champion. It has brought together a bevy of foreign Coaches, a foreign Grip Maker, Sports Injury Management Team, Physiotherapist, Yoga Guru, Dietician, Masseur, Gun testing facility, utilization of SCATT, video analyzers, Equipment control & Psychologist among other. The customized training plans are designed by our eminent foreign coaches on the basis of SWOT analysis. The courses also offer shooters Gun testing facility (Testing each barrel & select best pellet for particular barrel and maintain availability for 1 year training), peak performance management, a link up with an educational institution and residential tie- up.

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Congratulations to Gun For Glory Pistol Shooters

Congratulations to Gun For Glory Pistol Shooter Anushka Patil for winning team Gold Medal and Rifle Shooters Elavenil Valarivan for winning individual Gold Medal and team Bronze Medal, Shreya Agrawal for winning team Bronze Medal in ISSF – International Shooting Sport Federation Jr World Cup 2018 in Suhl, Germany. India Shooting Champions GNSPF Project Leap […]
By : | Jun 26, 2018
Ashish Kollare (Air Rifle Shooter)

I came in contact with GFG MUMBAI about 2 years back. After that there is no looking back in my life.I had a love for shooting since my childhood and this love got a physical form here. As A family of shooters we have made a special bond with GFG family. yes it is a family where our professional, physical, mental and emotional growth is being taken care of. Love you GFG MUMBAI.


GFG Mumbai branch

We knew about the existence of a shooting range in the premises of Pendharkar College. But I felt that this may be open only for the college students. Then one day, my 11 year old son got a GFG leaflet from his school and expressed his desire to join the shooting class. Initially I was skeptical whether he was mature enough to hold guns and the safety level.  But after discussing with the coach I decided to enrol him for the 1st level. I realised that the range is one of the best, having all facilities, with an international shooter as the head coach. From day one onwards, my son was motivated and happy about the care and involvement of his coach in training him. The design of the course itself is such that all aspects about ace marksmanship are covered step-by-step. The only issue I had was that for taking breaks in-between Level 3 and 4 for school exams as it breaks the flow of training.  But, in the course of training itself he won 2 DSO silver medals and 1 zonal silver medal in inter-school competitions.Today I feel proud to say that my son and four of his friends have reached the national trials. GFG team of Mumbai, truly deserves the praise in making of these young champions.


Vivek Sarathe

I am vivek sarathe currently level 4 journey in shooting starts from 1st inter collage shooting championship which was held in 2016. my interest in shooting was raised after inter collage shooting championship and I joined Level-1 training programme. Under the coaching of coach nishant  nitawani  7 days program drastically changed my mind and  i told myself i want to do this sport . Coach nishant was one real teacher who guided me well.It was gun for glory jabalpur who discovered this talent in me . without them it wasn't possible so i m  so much thankful for that. My current days are going well and i m developing my best skill thanks to COACH and whole team of gfg i am at that point where i m getting result day by day as i m improving my shooting is getting really well. So once again i m so much greatful THANKU.


Harsha Chauhan

Being an NCC cadet shooting has always been truly close to me. The best happened when I came to know about the inter college shooting fest which was conducted by GFG in April-16. I participated in that competition and got the scholarship for level-1 programme and then I started again with shooting under our coach Nishant Nathwani under his guidance I completed my level-1 training and the results were great .The GFG staff and coach appreciated me and my never ending journey started at GFG. I continued with my training programme and chose to become rifle shooter. It's been an year I am getting trained here. It's great to be a part of GFG Jabalpur where everyone is so supportive and encouraging and I know one day I will bring laurels to the academy and Nation.


Major Vinay Solanki


It has been a very motivational and inspiring journey for me since the time I joined gfg. I was pleasantly surprised when I came to know about such a professional institution being Run by professionals in our . As a Avid Shooter in Army I got a chance to fulfill my sports ambition with gfg . the acadamy provides us with modern environment and coaching facility to nurture shooting skills in us my six months of journey has been quite enriching and full of enthusiasm and I thank you to all the administrative staff and Mr Prashant sir and my coach Mr Nishant for teaching me what is necessary to make me a international level shooter.


Naresh Patel

Last year  all of sudden i decided to start shooting sport with high ambitions and  i joined the academy. There were some mental constraints at the age of 54 years but it was a pleasant surprise for me that every one in academy encouraged me to join this sport, many misconceptions and myths about shooting sport specially air pistol shooting were broken during my shooting practice sessions. Coach sir Nishant is a very nice person he encouraged me every time i felt that i am not doing well in shooting.Physical fitness training program in academy is a great initiative and it helps me a lot. I hope that i will complete my journey to become a champion shooter with the help and encouragement from GFG Academy.