It is believed that any sporting talent is as good as the exposure it is gets at the national as well as international levels. Keeping in line with its mission of popularizing the sport of shooting in India and taking the sport to the masses, Gun for Glory shooting academy organized the “Gun for Glory Shooting Championship 2011”. This was a first of its kind of national level shooting championship ever organized in India. The championship was conducted by National Rifle Association of India (NRAI), the governing body of shooting sports in India. The scores achieved by the shooters in this championship were considered by NRAI for them to qualify for the national competitions.

Various events held during the championship were as follows:

  • 10Meter Air rifle / Pistol Men ISSF
  • 10Meter Air rifle / Pistol Women ISSF
  • 10Meter Air rifle / Pistol Men NR
  • 10Meter Air rifle / Pistol Women NR

Fan Shooting Competition

Main Features 10m air rifle/air pistol (men-women),Challenger cup & Fan Shooting
No. of Participants (Professional Shooter) 922
Prize Money 40 Lac (Original 10gm Gold & 10gm Silver medals)
No. of Participant for Fan Shooting 400
Sponsorship SSk, Walther, Eley, Lakshya, Manav rachna, Holiday Inn, Capapie, Tk, Oakley, Radio city91.1, Travel time, Sancheti
Chief Guest Nana Patekar, Padmakar Valvi
Winner of Challenger cup Suma Shirur for rifle & Om Prakash for pistol

Two main attractions of the “Gun for Glory Shooting Championship 2011” were:

Challenger Cup

Fan Shooting Competition

To ensure that the sport of shooting becomes popular with the masses and the common man on the street gets a feel of what this sport is all about; Gun for Glory Shooting academy introduced the “Fan Shooting Competition”. Absurd as it may sound, but the eligibility criteria for participation was itself that ‘anyone who has not participated in any recognized shooting competition so far OR anyone who has never held a Rifle in their hands before’. This competition consists of two events, PRECISION and DUELLING. PRECISION This event is conducted with the help of SCATT Simulator. The participant shoots in a standing position. No live pellets are used in this event. The shooter aims at the target with the rifle which has a sensor attached. This sensor detects the shot fired and reflects the score on the screen. The best score is 10.9, which is also known as the X shot. The shooter is allowed five competition shots and the cumulative score is considered for qualifying in the finals. The top 8 shooters qualify for the finals. DUELLING This event is essentially a rapid fire event, wherein the shooter has to shoot at five targets and hit them in as less time as possible. The participant gets 10 shots to shoot at the five targets and the duration is measured with a stopwatch. This event is conducted in a sitting position with the hands resting on a table. Again the top 8 qualify for the finals. FINALS The top 8 participants compete against each other in a knockout format. 1st place competes with 8th place, 2nd-7th, 3rd-6th, 4th-5th, then semi-final between top 4 and final with top 2. The finals format remains the same for both PRECISION and DUELLING events.